Thoughts about Fashion

Oh, my favourite subject… :) Since I have a short blonde hair (almost 3 year, I had an insane moment that I definitely need to have a that kind of hairstyle and my hairdresser was happy to make it), I have to more focused what I wear. Somehow I have to balanced my feminine side.

All my life was a struggle to buy clothes proper clothes and make up for me. Many years ago I’ve learned that I’m a summer type with autumn undertone (soft summer type). That means that I can’t wear brown, copper, coral golden, and vivid colours. Black and white is also not for me, because that’s winter type. BUT the grey is mine, on me it looks fantastic. But I don’t care, sometimes I wear brown eyeshadow (just a little) and light orange cardigan.

After I moved to Karlsruhe, I was thinking about buy a black leather jacket, because I can’t live without it. (thanks to my father and my brother my rocker part of me shoot ahead), so I went to Orsay (clothes brand from Germany), and they says “Thank God! I’m a woman” or something like that. I was sceptical about that, but after buying that jacket, I stayed to look around the shop and I just listening. Myself and the surroundings.  And I realized that why a lot of women addicted to fashion. I liked many of the stuffs. I could spend 70-100€ in one blick. And the jewerlies, and the t-shirts, and blouses and blezers etc…

I found out the right size can be the key solution of most of my problem. Before that I bought too loose, big trousers, T-shirts, etc. Finding a good measurement that is fit to us, it can boost our looks. The other problem was for me that I usually heard that “I love ball dresses at the evening and nice make ups (not important) but at the weekdays I usually wear jeans&t-shirt combo”. I took their advice. But something went wrong.. I felt like a man not a woman. And the penny dropped…with women’s T-shirt… :D Sometimes the shop assistants can be very useful, if we are unsure (like usually me). But later we can feel what is right and what is wrong for us.

There are also tons of good ideas from Pinterest and Polyvore. I can pick up so many clever things there. E.g. how can we use silver balerina or sandal. (I got it as a gift and I didn’t want to throw away) Searching, searching, searching –>with grey trousers… :)

This task would be so hard if we are enough brave to trying new things. And suddenly realized easily what is the best choice for us. And if we have help (shop assistant, good friend, old lady, neighbour etc.) it’s way more lighter. :)

Let’s go to the adventure! :)

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Factor Eight

Now Germany has Brückentag celebration (that East and West Germany united together) and that’s why I have a little time to write.

In march I went to event where I realized that the uplifting motivation musics there caught me that I almost couldn’t listen). Then I went home, and I went after this music type, because I felt that I cannot live without it.  So I start to search on Youtube, because I knew that it can be hundreds of this music. I can’t be alone with this.. :)

Few minutes of searching I found this video. After 5 minutes of listening I felt that I arrived and I’m home. In comments I found that many ppl like the 2nd track, Factor Eight  – The beginning. And oh yes, they’re right. I mean:

And I found out he wrote 7-9 other tracks also.  In Christmas, I don’t need expensive gifts, and maybe my family has big troubles to find a suitable presents for me. But this is good, I already hint at to get these musics. O:) I NEED IT. :)

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Dead inside after Revision?!?!

Sorry, this story is from last year, but better late than never.

Revision 2016 was my first Easterparty as an organizer. Long story short,  I was in Heaven for 1 week. Biggest and loudest, pure demoparty in Germany and that was huge blast. After that I was dead tired but I was grinning all the time.

After home I posted on the Facebook that “Revision was exhausting. Dead inside etc… 5 minutes later Gábor (Picard) told me that “it’s not good what you said to FB”… Why? Because “Dead inside” is about something bad. It’s like your dog has died yesterday so you are dead inside. But I could ask my American co-worker if you want.. Ok.  (I blushed like a red crab… :D)

Some hours later I realized that I was wrong, and I have to fix this thing. I found out that the “Dead tired inside” could be good phrase. Maybe it’s not an official English term, but this is how we feel. :)

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Function 2017 demoparty

The party is over for 1 year. We had so much fun. The organizers (with me) made with heart and soul, and with this my infodesk duty and taking photos wasn’t so hard. I loved the party’s atmosphere, meet with old and new friends. And the grill party in outside…. I had to eat twice because that was so delicious.

The prods were strong, my picture landed on the 9th place (that’s my lucky number btw.) and even I was dead tired inside (but happy) I could be until 2 am Sunday.

Definitely I’m going do it again, because organizing for me it’s like a good drug that shouldn’t have to stop! :) I’m glad, because Hungary is on the demoscene map, and we are enough strong that you can’t ignore/avoid us.

Here are my pictures from the party.

See you next year!! :)

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Function 2017

Better late then never: There will be demoscene party at this weekend in Budapest, Hungary. This will be my 3rd party in this year that I’m an infodesk organizer. Be there and have fun! :)



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One of my most important book in my life is Frank Herbert’s book series (and Brian Herbert & Kevin J. Anderson) the Dune. The influence is from my father, he read only the first 2 books, and he said to me that the story is complete for him, didn’t want to read further. I said OK, and I read on my E-book.

To be hones I don’t care when my friends say to me that “I only read the old series (Frank’s) the new series is not so good for the standard. I read the old books and I saw that the story isn’t finished, so I took out the Brian&Kevin’s version of the book and I finished the whole story. And I just read, I didn’t pay attention of the style.

Dune is good. It didn’t get accidentally Hugo and Nebula Award. But sometimes it too bloody, too sick that I was thinking about that what would Frank’s use to write that. After the scary, bloody things I had to relax a bit and didn’t touch my E-book for a while.

And the sequence is important too. I realized when I finished the story and start again with the Butlerian Jihad. I was happy when I first read connection between Harkonnen and Giedi Prieme. The planet Dune and melange. So we should do this when we read the series. And it’s long, 14 books altogether. :)

Have fun with it.




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Introvert? No! Ambivert

Some years ago I have read that there is something like introvert and extrovert. I knew that I can’t be fully extrovert, because I don’t need talking all the time, and I don’t have 1001 friends, I’m not the loudest person in the world. And books are amazing, and they are my friends. And I have to prepare myself If I call somebody. So not extrovert.

Hm.. the introvert thing is more like me. But something is wrong.. I’m not a no-touchy-touchy Mimosa, I’m brave enough, I can talk with the people.When I’m in the right mood, e.g. the demoparties, and it has a concert or DJ set, I’m dancing like hell. And one of my Swiss friend (Hi Unlock!!) said to me that “I know you for 15 years, and you are NOT an introvert person.

So not introvert… then what? In 2-3 years I found out that there is 1 more type between extrovert and introvert. The golden mean and it’s called Ambivert.

OH YEAH! That’s what I’m talking about. That’s why I like demoparties, because there I meet all my friends and talking and after 3 days I feel that’s enough for me but that’s ok. And one day I behave like this, and the other day I behave like that. And I feel that sometimes I need my friends, but I need my E-book and real books.

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How I became Whovian

In short: Alex Kingston made me Whovian, with the Christmas Special 2015. Yes, the story is not new. O:) These were the moments:

And of course the music at the end… I have no words for that.

After that Special I rewatch all the series/episode. (this is very good for training my english language..) I went up and down with the characters, I cursed Steven Moffat so many times. And of course I saw Pinterest/Tumblr for the background.. etc.

I have learn some rules:

  1. Don’t skip 9th Doctor, because you don’t understand 10th when he looked Rose in the Stolen Earth.
  2. Don’t skip 10th, because you don’t know who is River Song, and why 13th (yes I know 12th plus the War Doctor) was so happy to see her.

If it possible I would like to buy the Classic Dr Who, just because I feel that many surprises are in it. Btw. Murray Gold is genius. :)

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It seems we move back to Hungary from Germany. Nothing bad happened, but we like here, but we feel that we would like to live in Budapest. Close to our family and friends. And of course I would like to be more organizer some German, Dutch demoparties, so you will see me behind the table.

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Just Picard

V: Gabi (my bf)! Can I ask you something?
P: Yeah, sure.
V: Why do you support the hungarian, german, dutch, etc. demoscene? Because I don’t understand the reason.
P: Just because I able to do that.
V: That’s all?
P: Yes..


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