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Thoughts about blogging

This post will be unusual because so many question is in my head. That’s why I change my mind and make a Q&A section here. So let’s get started! :)

1.)Why I start blogging?
It’s obvious and easy for me. I was envious of my friends. approx. 10-15 years ago many friends had a blog and I don’t have and that time everybody who counted has a blog, so I started it. All my life I wanted to communicate properly and create something what it’s 100% me and I can be proud of it. But every friends don’t have anymore (1-2 exception, but they didn’t write for 2-3 years), and mine is still standing.

2.) Do I write well?
At the beginning honestly I don’t think that I wrote well. Nowadays I have problems too with writing. O:) But I know the drill: practice, practice…. even more practice. :)

3.) Have you felt bad that maybe my blog not so “successful” as others?
Well at the start yes, but later I realized that it’s not the point. Currently I write just because I like writing. I know my blog is just a “tea blog” but I keep it because sometimes I need it.

4.) Why do you change the languages to English?
When I wrote a Hungarian posts my foreigner friends complain that they can’t read it all the time. So I change it to English. Sometimes I write demoscene partyreport for scene.hu and that’s enough for me. This site is my playground, so I keep it in English.

5.) Future plans?
When I reach the 100 post I will celebrate to move to WordPress.org and have an own domain. Beacuse why not. :) And learning WordPress totally, because I know very little of it.

Good night! :)

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New Year, new design

For the new year, I wanted to change a bit, because time to time do it to keep my motivation alive to write. And it’s not boring.  This change is not permanent, I will do more personalize for this site. Please remember that I’m not a webdesigner. O:) But I hope you like it. :)

Have a good day! :)

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Dr Who books

There is on my bucket list that I want to read in English. E.g. improve my skills, and I suspect that many things is only in this language.  Of course the famous Dr. Who and co. books and 10th series with Peter Capaldi.

I know that from Facebook that there is a River Song’s diary novel book from various writers and we can buy from Amazon too. I wanted to get it, because River is my favorite character in the whole series. (Alex rulez, because of her I got my hair permanent wave 5 years ago). And in Amazon. it’s effortless to get.


After the 7th series, I was browsing on new books on Amazon market, because I wanted to get English books (e.g. the Original Sherlock Holmes, books from Jane Austin etc.) and my Kindle knew that I love Dr. Who and gave a hint for 2 books. The first was The Angel Kiss by Melody Malone Mystery and the second was Summer Falls by Amelia Williams…

When I was saw that my Dr. Who fangirl ego turned on: OK, we know that Season 7 Episode 5 –>Angels Take Manhattan. It was THE book that Amy was reading or trying to read beacause the Doctor said that it’s River’s (Melody’s) future so it’s forbid to read. And the second book was Season 7  Episod 6 –> The bells of St. John. Amelia Williams.. I know what did you there dear writers! Nice conspiracy! :D I love that very much.

So the 3 books are in my Kindle. And when I’m reading my notes are around my hands because there are tons of misunderstood words that I must clear. And dictionary also. :) I have to know that because it seems I love to write and I would like to give more not just B1-2 language level degree. So I will do my job, and I hope you will enjoy the results. :)

Good night! :)

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Thoughts about Fashion

Oh, my favourite subject… :) Since I have a short blonde hair (almost 3 year, I had an insane moment that I definitely need to have a that kind of hairstyle and my hairdresser was happy to make it), I have to more focused what I wear. Somehow I have to balanced my feminine side.

All my life was a struggle to buy clothes proper clothes and make up for me. Many years ago I’ve learned that I’m a summer type with autumn undertone (soft summer type). That means that I can’t wear brown, copper, coral golden, and vivid colours. Black and white is also not for me, because that’s winter type. BUT the grey is mine, on me it looks fantastic. But I don’t care, sometimes I wear brown eyeshadow (just a little) and light orange cardigan.

After I moved to Karlsruhe, I was thinking about buy a black leather jacket, because I can’t live without it. (thanks to my father and my brother my rocker part of me shoot ahead), so I went to Orsay (clothes brand from Germany), and they says “Thank God! I’m a woman” or something like that. I was sceptical about that, but after buying that jacket, I stayed to look around the shop and I just listening. Myself and the surroundings.  And I realized that why a lot of women addicted to fashion. I liked many of the stuffs. I could spend 70-100€ in one blick. And the jewerlies, and the t-shirts, and blouses and blezers etc…

I found out the right size can be the key solution of most of my problem. Before that I bought too loose, big trousers, T-shirts, etc. Finding a good measurement that is fit to us, it can boost our looks. The other problem was for me that I usually heard that “I love ball dresses at the evening and nice make ups (not important) but at the weekdays I usually wear jeans&t-shirt combo”. I took their advice. But something went wrong.. I felt like a man not a woman. And the penny dropped…with women’s T-shirt… :D Sometimes the shop assistants can be very useful, if we are unsure (like usually me). But later we can feel what is right and what is wrong for us.

There are also tons of good ideas from Pinterest and Polyvore. I can pick up so many clever things there. E.g. how can we use silver balerina or sandal. (I got it as a gift and I didn’t want to throw away) Searching, searching, searching –>with grey trousers… :)

This task would be so hard if we are enough brave to trying new things. And suddenly realized easily what is the best choice for us. And if we have help (shop assistant, good friend, old lady, neighbour etc.) it’s way more lighter. :)

Let’s go to the adventure! :)