How I became Whovian

In short: Alex Kingston made me Whovian, with the Christmas Special 2015. Yes, the story is not new. O:) These were the moments:

And of course the music at the end… I have no words for that.

After that Special I rewatch all the series/episode. (this is very good for training my english language..) I went up and down with the characters, I cursed Steven Moffat so many times. And of course I saw Pinterest/Tumblr for the background.. etc.

I have learn some rules:

  1. Don’t skip 9th Doctor, because you don’t understand 10th when he looked Rose in the Stolen Earth.
  2. Don’t skip 10th, because you don’t know who is River Song, and why 13th (yes I know 12th plus the War Doctor) was so happy to see her.

If it possible I would like to buy the Classic Dr Who, just because I feel that many surprises are in it. Btw. Murray Gold is genius. :)


It seems we move back to Hungary from Germany. Nothing bad happened, but we like here, but we feel that we would like to live in Budapest. Close to our family and friends. And of course I would like to be more organizer some German, Dutch demoparties, so you will see me behind the table.

Just Picard

V: Gabi (my bf)! Can I ask you something?
P: Yeah, sure.
V: Why do you support the hungarian, german, dutch, etc. demoscene? Because I don’t understand the reason.
P: Just because I able to do that.
V: That’s all?
P: Yes..


Lefties day

It seems there is an International Left-Handed Day today. I could say as a lefty nowadays we have so much facilities than I had in my childhood. (school supplies and co. and kitchen accessories). Once I saw a lefty clock what was everything was conversed. I thing it’s not nessessary, we can see the normal analog clock.

I didn’t like my technique lessons (age 7), when I had to cut a paper etc. I did everything what my teacher said to us, I mean EVERYTHING, but my scissors was righty. C’est la vie… :)

So: Happy Left-Handed day! :)


Evoke 2015 Pictures and timelapses

Here ‘s my pictures from Evoke 2015 demoparty held in Köln (Cologne).

Timelapses from preparation:


During the party:



This week’s adventure: GISHWES. It’s all about being insane and kind for 1 week and beyond.
So I need to buy some stuff for having fun…. :)

New cameras

My boyfriend bought some new cameras because he wants to do some creative stuff for them. (time lapses, wild demos etc.) And I also able to use it, so let’s see what can I do with them.