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E-book vs. real book

This topic will have a flaming row with some of you I think. Because this is a neverending discussion and can split up the that groups that who LOVE reading very much. Some reason I have a feeling that this can be an artifical debate where the ppl. can say that other person that he’s/she’s not enough good, because he/she’s reading from e-book, and that’s bad real books are the only best books in the World. The real books have curves, you can smell the paper, you don’t have to charge etc., etc.

So.. I’m not good, because I rather like reading on e-book? The real books sometimes can be heavy like hell and the size can be like 158 x 238 mm. I can’t change the size of the fonts when my eyes are tired at the evening. Only it has 1 size and that’s all and most of the time are small. My e-book is like 182g(=0.4lb ) and 6″ altogether so I can bring everywhere in my bag.

E-book has 1 more advantage that the real book hasn’t. The real book has 1 big story (I don’t speak about the novel books here) and that’s all. In e-book has tons of books with tons of stories.. and my environmental fan part of me has appeared – without paper. And of course we can download more if we want.. easily. (English and a Hungarian one – I found 2 legal Hungarian pages also.)

Don’t get me wrong, I like real books also, where if we put our books side by side can be very spectacular. And having an own bookshelf… that’s very cool. I found out some year ago that I can only _learning_ from the paper book, the e-book failed in this area.

My point is… the real argument is not here (e-book vs. real book). It’s the “Reading or not reading.” I can be very upset that somebody says that “Reading is uncool” I rather like watching TV, or the film from the book was better, because I couldn’t read the book (e.g. Lord of the Rings, because it was so hard.)

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Having fun with Flight tracker

From the very first time, like 20 years ago I fell in love traveling with an aircraft. And I like everything about airports and duty frees, baggage claims, even the long waiting (of course with and E-book). So the whole process is not so hard to handle.

When I was a child sometimes I looked up to the sky and I was watching the plane and I imagined that which country came from that plane and where did they go. It’s funny that in my hometown, Tatabánya and here in Budapest I live under the airbridge.

Many years ago one of my friend Ziona posted something on Facebook with an interesting application called “Flight tracker”. I didn’t care much what but I focused on the app. Then I forget it. Later for some reason I remembered this site and I stuck on it. And the new world opened to me…. :)

E.g. many times I have fun that when Gábor came from Germany. “I have landed, I’m OK” and the answer was “I know it!” or when his aircraft comes above or flat, I open the huge windows and I’m waving to it hoping my husband would see it. But that time usually he doesn’t see it, because he is sitting at the corridor… :D

I love the bigger planes. They come from Doha, Dubai, Türkmenbansi (!!!!!) and Asgabat(!!!!!) (before that I have never knew that where is Asgabat), New York, Philadelphia and Toronto.

Nowadays I have a game for myself that when I see a middle big plane what took of from Budapest where would it go WITHOUT the Flying Tracker app. Many times even I don’t have to to look at it I know. E.g. When I see “LOT” of the plane it means that’s the Polish Airlines and will go definitely to New York. And to be sure I watch the app, and it says JFK – New York. BINGO! :)))))

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In the beginning, I see this can be a sensitive topic. Because everyone has their own point of view and some of my acquaintance can be loud and little assurgent about that and they try to tell you, you are wrong because they have the ultimate solution.

Yes, they have, for their body. But they don’t know me, my body. And they try to convince me. :) That time I believed them and trying several types of diet or I wanted to try (e.g. keto, clean eating, paleo). Once I have filled a test that what body type do I have. And it said my Holy Grails are the fats, I should try to avoid the bad carbohydrate. I was eating that way and didn’t lose some weight. Something went wrong and I didn’t understand.

I knew that from experience that I need meat or I need a lot of protein. Because I train a and after exercise, I need my shake. I think from the vegan diet I can’t get enough good kind of protein or I have to eat tons of food.

Or I was fed up with don’t eat this, don’t eat that and hardly could eat anything without thinking “Is it good for me?” and then I couldn’t stick the diverse eating rule. Only can eat 1-2 things only for months. I knew that wasn’t healthy. Many weeks ago I was trying a cleaning program for the body. And I have to stop after 2 days because my body and my stomach yelled at me that “ARE YOU CRAZY?”. In these 2 days all I could think about the food. Top of that I couldn’t work, I became aggressive and I was a domestic dragon. :)

I was thinking that how can this thing make it right that it is really good for me. First of all, try to find someone who is professional for this (e.g. an excellent dietitian) and consult him/her. There are some tests from your blood, and saliva to get to know who you are and what do you need. And after that, you have no more questions. You know exactly what do you need to stay healthy. Try recipes that what is good for you, and watch yourself and listen to your body. It always tells you the answer.

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Leg cramps

When I was younger, I used to have this terrible pain in my calf at night. I’m sure that I’m not the who has this thing in his/her life. I started to watch the circumstances so If I know well then I would preparing the next one. The reasons were few but interesting. First of all, I got this when I was cold. The second was when I have hard exercise. When I got better a bit from cold and have training, I was 100% sure that I definitely have a leg cramp the following night.

And it seems I have the ultimate solution for that. I don’t have this until I follow this rule: take lot’s of vitamins and minerals especially Calcium-Magnesium tablet, liquid etc. And it’s working and it works well. Thanks to my crazy fitness friends, and I have read about it a lot. Because I wanted to end this. Now and forever. :)

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In the beginning, all I have to say the movements, exercising, dancing is part of my life. All my life. I didn’t scare from P.E classes, except the famous Cooper test (12 minutes running without stop) and rope climb.  I was watching myself and I have to say that I was totally OK with this thing if there wasn’t any pressure on me.

Even I started to run for a bit (what I haven’t ever thought in my life). I was like: Me + running –> NO WAY! But today I’m OK with it because I started to run for my cardio exercise. And I couldn’t imagine that from where did I get some motivation for running. Firstly one of my all-time favourite TV show, X-files, and secondly there is a Drug-Free Marathon every year, and my good friends do it. They run in the morning and after that do enlightenment for the schools all around in Hungary for 42 days. At the end me and my husband running with them. Ok, OK!! My husband is running and I’m running and cycling. :) He is better than me. But I’m running faster than he. :)

At the end of the gymnasium I thought that there won’t be any P.E. classes, nothing, and but I felt that somehow I must solve the problem. 

The Universe answered to my favor: you have Thera-band elastic band, so use it! Have you heard that fitness champion Alexandra Béres have fitness DVD? And there is another young girl Réka Rubint who just started to make her first DVD also.

So I started to collect all their DVDs and brought some equipment, so I could do some exercise at home. Which is comfortable and we don’t need to go to the gym. But the gym is more important when we are above 30 years old. We have to be more strict for nutrition because we can’t eat pizza or chocolate with impunity. (but I think it’s another post’s topic).

I’ve heard several times that woman don’t like to use weights because they would become “bulky” like men only do running as cardio. I think it’s not true when we won’t improve well. We have to get our weight and our body is not weak and fragile. But we have to listen to it.

Nowadays I go to the gym, to dance class (!!) because there I feel much younger when I’m dancing (like 25 years younger), having lot’s of fun, and at the end of the class all my problems disappear. I recommend everyone to find some exercise which is good for them. Have fun! :)


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2 worlds – 1 symbol

Many of my friends and family noticed  silver necklace. It has almost 10 years long story. Back in the day I wanted something that makes me courage, so am I not scared from the challenge that is in front of me. Meaning if I have the way I just have to go that direction no matter what. And it seems help me a lot, it really works for me.

And this demo represents the demoscene group The Black Lotus  – Tint demo from 1996. I took this idea from the scene at end of the product. This is the first world that my necklace key represents.

(btw. If I remember well this was the first demo that there is a singing part)

The second part of this world is one of my colleagues who wrote a workbook, and it’s name in English Knowledge. But in Hungarian KEYtoknowledge all in one world. Perfect combination. And in the office they love my jewellery.



This 64k intro came at last year’s Revision. Sorry I will be a “bit” sentimental (because I organized Function demoparty this weekend, and I’m happy about that) but let’s jump into the story.

At Revision 2017 I couldn’t see the 64k intro compo, because the following day I had a morning shift from 6 to 12 and I had to prepare. After the shift I could see first time. To be honest I didn’t mind the visual part, I focused the music. I felt that the music is strong but I didn’t realized how much at the Easter party. But I liked it very much.

After 1-2 weeks the music was calling me all the time, and somehow I feel that it would be the best music from 2017 to me. (It was May.) The music has a story that it spoke to me. When we listen it has 3 parts. The second and the third part are more important, because those parts has a point.

The second part the “Melancholy part”. Like something bad happened to you. And you are trying to collect yourself from the ground but you need to be alone when you don’t need to behave in front of yourself (you could cry a lot if you like) and you can feel full of range of emotions. And set goals and replanning the future if you had to.

And the third part “Full throttle” part… My jar dropped when I heard the first time for 1-2 minutes. This part is the strongest. Because you make it real those goals with full power and focus. And you make it right and you gonna win. At the end when I see the visuals that it make sense. It comes to me and that huge energy reaches right into my soul and it can rebuild me and makes me unstoppable.

It means that you can stand up from ANY kind of bad situation, because there always be new day, new week and year. Just you just have to work hard. And believe yourself that you can do it.

If you are happy you dance on it. If not you cry on it. But it always helps you A LOT.

Thanks Gargaj! :)