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2 worlds – 1 symbol

Many of my friends and family noticed  silver necklace. It has almost 10 years long story. Back in the day I wanted something that makes me courage, so am I not scared from the challenge that is in front of me. Meaning if I have the way I just have to go that direction no matter what. And it seems help me a lot, it really works for me.

And this demo represents the demoscene group The Black Lotus  – Tint demo from 1996. I took this idea from the scene at end of the product. This is the first world that my necklace key represents.

(btw. If I remember well this was the first demo that there is a singing part)

The second part of this world is one of my colleagues who wrote a workbook, and it’s name in English Knowledge. But in Hungarian KEYtoknowledge all in one world. Perfect combination. And in the office they love my jewellery.



This 64k intro came at last year’s Revision. Sorry I will be a “bit” sentimental (because I organized Function demoparty this weekend, and I’m happy about that) but let’s jump into the story.

At Revision 2017 I couldn’t see the 64k intro compo, because the following day I had a morning shift from 6 to 12 and I had to prepare. After the shift I could see first time. To be honest I didn’t mind the visual part, I focused the music. I felt that the music is strong but I didn’t realized how much at the Easter party. But I liked it very much.

After 1-2 weeks the music was calling me all the time, and somehow I feel that it would be the best music from 2017 to me. (It was May.) The music has a story that it spoke to me. When we listen it has 3 parts. The second and the third part are more important, because those parts has a point.

The second part the “Melancholy part”. Like something bad happened to you. And you are trying to collect yourself from the ground but you need to be alone when you don’t need to behave in front of yourself (you could cry a lot if you like) and you can feel full of range of emotions. And set goals and replanning the future if you had to.

And the third part “Full throttle” part… My jar dropped when I heard the first time for 1-2 minutes. This part is the strongest. Because you make it real those goals with full power and focus. And you make it right and you gonna win. At the end when I see the visuals that it make sense. It comes to me and that huge energy reaches right into my soul and it can rebuild me and makes me unstoppable.

It means that you can stand up from ANY kind of bad situation, because there always be new day, new week and year. Just you just have to work hard. And believe yourself that you can do it.

If you are happy you dance on it. If not you cry on it. But it always helps you A LOT.

Thanks Gargaj! :)

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The story begins in my childhood. We had an analog photo camera and my brother could use it than me. And it seemed somehow I got envy (in a good way) and I got my motivation that I wanna learn how to make good photos.

And time to time I came back to this hobby, and I felt that I should at least make it serious, because there are so much moment has that we need to immortalize for the future (and maybe that’s why I start to write)

One key moment in this story was after Breakpoint 2005 in Bingen am Rhein. I took some photos from the BASS concert (e.g. like this) and Truck (our beloved American friend) who commented that he loved the picture that he wanted for 36 years…….. …… …… …… :O  (Ok, this year I thanked it to him, because it was massive bash me on the head that REALLY I have to take this earnestly.

And then my dream was to buy or able to use a DSLR camera. And my husband Gabor told me once 3-4 years ago that “you can use mine.” :O He also have this hobby so when we travelling taking lots of photos from the same object/buildings/food. But sometimes his pictures are better than mine, because use different/better techniques. But it’s ok. I’m in progress and I’m in a good hands. (from who always get some more tips). I love to speaking with my friends who also have this free time craziness.

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On the 5th of May we had a wedding in Tata. (10km from my hometown Tatabánya). It was lovely, funny, I danced a lot and everything was way to perfect. :)

Ok, we had a wedding planner and that’s why it was easy. She and her crew (video maker, photographer, wedding decorist, DJ, cake maker and even the staff of the place, make up artists…. etc. etc. etc.) was so nice, everybody was exciting when they hear that we are crazy to do Dr Who theme, with lot’s of blue and white.

I thought that there will be nice accident, but when I went to my entry, and I saw the beautiful view and the set ups, my fear was over.

And my dress was… OMG… I felt that I’m a goddess in that miracle. It was light, so I could do everything without helping, at the beginning was little tight, but it knew its job. :)

Later I will write a post about my feelings (but pretty much the same) in marriage, because two of my friends asked me.

Have a nice day! :)

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Regret to move back?

Many friends asked me that I regret to move back to Budapest. My answer is no, because I realized that here is so much to than Karlsruhe. My family is here, my friends are here and this city accepted me, not like around 15 years ago. So everything is fine, and the view is amazing from the riverbank of Danube.

I’m feeling lucky because there are good mates here to help me to not feeling alone when Gábor is working in Germany. And I’m very grateful about that. Thank you! :)

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Thoughts about blogging

This post will be unusual because so many question is in my head. That’s why I change my mind and make a Q&A section here. So let’s get started! :)

1.)Why I start blogging?
It’s obvious and easy for me. I was envious of my friends. approx. 10-15 years ago many friends had a blog and I don’t have and that time everybody who counted has a blog, so I started it. All my life I wanted to communicate properly and create something what it’s 100% me and I can be proud of it. But every friends don’t have anymore (1-2 exception, but they didn’t write for 2-3 years), and mine is still standing.

2.) Do I write well?
At the beginning honestly I don’t think that I wrote well. Nowadays I have problems too with writing. O:) But I know the drill: practice, practice…. even more practice. :)

3.) Have you felt bad that maybe my blog not so “successful” as others?
Well at the start yes, but later I realized that it’s not the point. Currently I write just because I like writing. I know my blog is just a “tea blog” but I keep it because sometimes I need it.

4.) Why do you change the languages to English?
When I wrote a Hungarian posts my foreigner friends complain that they can’t read it all the time. So I change it to English. Sometimes I write demoscene partyreport for scene.hu and that’s enough for me. This site is my playground, so I keep it in English.

5.) Future plans?
When I reach the 100 post I will celebrate to move to WordPress.org and have an own domain. Beacuse why not. :) And learning WordPress totally, because I know very little of it.

Good night! :)