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On the 5th of May we had a wedding in Tata. (10km from my hometown Tatabánya). It was lovely, funny, I danced a lot and everything was way to perfect. :)

Ok, we had a wedding planner and that’s why it was easy. She and her crew (video maker, photographer, wedding decorist, DJ, cake maker and even the staff of the place, make up artists…. etc. etc. etc.) was so nice, everybody was exciting when they hear that we are crazy to do Dr Who theme, with lot’s of blue and white.

I thought that there will be nice accident, but when I went to my entry, and I saw the beautiful view and the set ups, my fear was over.

And my dress was… OMG… I felt that I’m a goddess in that miracle. It was light, so I could do everything without helping, at the beginning was little tight, but it knew its job. :)

Later I will write a post about my feelings (but pretty much the same) in marriage, because two of my friends asked me.

Have a nice day! :)

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Regreting to move back?

Many friends asked me that I regret to move back to Budapest. My answer is no, because I realized that here is so much to than Karlsruhe. My family is here, my friends are here and this city accepted me, not like around 15 years ago. So everything is fine, and the view is amazing from the riverbank of Danube.

I’m feeling lucky because there are good mates here to help me to not feeling alone when Gábor is working in Germany. And I’m very grateful about that. Thank you! :)

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Thoughts about blogging

This post will be unusual because so many question is in my head. That’s why I change my mind and make a Q&A section here. So let’s get started! :)

1.)Why I start blogging?
It’s obvious and easy for me. I was envious of my friends. approx. 10-15 years ago many friends had a blog and I don’t have and that time everybody who counted has a blog, so I started it. All my life I wanted to communicate properly and create something what it’s 100% me and I can be proud of it. But every friends don’t have anymore (1-2 exception, but they didn’t write for 2-3 years), and mine is still standing.

2.) Do I write well?
At the beginning honestly I don’t think that I wrote well. Nowadays I have problems too with writing. O:) But I know the drill: practice, practice…. even more practice. :)

3.) Have you felt bad that maybe my blog not so “successful” as others?
Well at the start yes, but later I realized that it’s not the point. Currently I write just because I like writing. I know my blog is just a “tea blog” but I keep it because sometimes I need it.

4.) Why do you change the languages to English?
When I wrote a Hungarian posts my foreigner friends complain that they can’t read it all the time. So I change it to English. Sometimes I write demoscene partyreport for scene.hu and that’s enough for me. This site is my playground, so I keep it in English.

5.) Future plans?
When I reach the 100 post I will celebrate to move to WordPress.org and have an own domain. Beacuse why not. :) And learning WordPress totally, because I know very little of it.

Good night! :)